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was it worth it

January 20, 2011
By nicramee BRONZE, Ringoes, New Jersey
nicramee BRONZE, Ringoes, New Jersey
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let go of what scares you from moving on. Because nothing hurts more than staying in place when everyone else is gone.

was it worth it ?
was it worth it... to be with her ?
How does it feel ?
to kiss her

was it everything you'd imagine' hope for
was it the kiss that could take your breath away
make your heart beat a million times a second
was it the kiss you could taste for days ?
or replay in your head every time you think of that moment

was it worth it ?
to lie
to sneak around like a thief
to hurt me
to cheat

how can you look at yourself?
look in the mirror and look into eyes of a boy
a boy that did what you did
how can you live with that memory?
that moment
that moment that you chose to betray everything that trust stood for
that a relationship meant
you can never take back
that moment will be on you like a tattoo

it cant be erased
nor taken away
it's part of you forever
people will remember
I'll remember

how can i look at you the same?
i try
i try and figure our why
why'd you do it
why you choose to be with me, when you clearly wanted her

i try and tell myself hes still the guy
i started falling for

he's still the guy that made me laugh constantly
made me smile every time i thought of him
kisses of an angel
held me in his arms that made me feel safe
just the guy that truly made me happy

but he's not
he changed the moment he chose her

did you truly care for me ?
or was it all an act?
was i the rebound ?
kinda seems it now
you say i wasn't but words out of your mouth are questionable

you liked her, you liked me. now you're back to her
hope you're happy with her
hope she's good to you
hope she makes you happy
hope she's always there for you
hope she's everything you ever wanted
everything that you left behind

i don't hate
i don't have anger
i don't have regret
why regret something that once made me happy.
all i have is hope.
hope that you have happiness with her
and hope that ill find someone that won't end up hurting me as much as you hurt me

maybe one day you'll think
was it worth it?
but by then it could be too late.

The author's comments:
this piece was written to let go out all my anger and frustration about this boy.

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