The Lithimet cometh

January 20, 2011
By southern-cossack GOLD, Concord, North Carolina
southern-cossack GOLD, Concord, North Carolina
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In darkest night, when the new moon hides
In those all consuming shadows it strides

Slowly calculating each steps place
Strolling from shadow to shadow with fluidic grace

It’s the Lithimet with red mirror eyes, ink cloak, and ivory teeth
It’s the Lithimet children’s screams beseech

With his hook like nails on spear like hands
Being as solid as ice one minute, then dissolving into sand

Looking though windows, tapping at glass
Giving children nightmares at least, or putting them in castes

So if you be alone under a no moon sky
And hear the Lithimet’s grinding teeth nearby
Don’t be a hero run and hide
For when night lowers, the Lithimet doth rule and rise
But when morning wakes, the Lithimet does die

Bubbling into a puddle thick as tar and black as ink
Never to return for a month, at least so we think

Till we are proven wrong
When the moon raises and the Lithimet is seen dragging a body along

Somewhere deep into the farthest corner of the forest
To help ease the Lithimet stomach’s growling chorus

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