Lover’s lane

January 20, 2011
By southern-cossack GOLD, Concord, North Carolina
southern-cossack GOLD, Concord, North Carolina
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A forgotten scenic vista, now turned to frolicking parking lot of teenage youth
Where if the words of “I love you” do not do, the testing of car axles can be proof
Where promises culminate into physically tied pacts
In the back of an aged Roles Royce or Cadillac
Where new relationships take first timid steps
Where old relationships reforge some new regret
Here on lover’s lane, its simplicity is easy to explain
A parking lot
A mobile hotel hideaway
A place away form parental supervision
A place where teenagers can dwell away from the child or adult schism
Where they can enjoy the carefree frolics of youth
And for five hot minutes forget about the murky depths of the truth

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