They Say

December 15, 2007
By David Artsvelian, Glendale, CA

This is a rhyme about all that they’ve said,
They’ve thrown me down and made all my hopes dead.
But if you stay above all that they say,
Eventually all their criticism will go away,
They say you tend to notice your faults when it’s just too late to change,
Sometimes I just sit and think about how my life’s been arranged,
I know I’ve made mistakes, and life’s made sure I’ve faced them,
And nothing I can do or say, can ever actually erase them,
I often wonder about things that I’ve done,
And imagine the things I’ll do,
Living my life one day at a time,
Willing to give anything for a clue,
A clue to what the future holds,
Will things get better or just grow cold,
They say life consists of highs and lows,
But living in a box how could they possibly know,
They’ve said that I don’t have a chance,
Well look where I’ve gotten and how I’ve advanced,
I just feel like everything is flying past,
And as we speed through our lives how can anything possibly last,
Remember the times both good and bad,
And anything and everything that we’ve ever had,
It’s all gone now and we’ll never know for sure,
What could have happened, or if we could’ve been more,
They talk about everything that I’ve ever done,
Look down on me revolted, saying look what he’s become,
When they should be looking up at me, wishing they were here too,
This is my life to live, It’s just me and you,
They’ve even said that I don’t deserve it all,
When after all I’ve been through, I’m still standing tall,
And look at them with no lives, sitting behind closed doors,
Every day stressing, just criticizing mine and yours.
And of course they said that I’d never make it through,
But who cares what they say, all I need is you.

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This article has 1 comment.

aanahid said...
on Aug. 13 2008 at 4:20 pm
Extremely philosophical for a teen! I'm amazed at the depth of the thought and optimism, strength to face life and stand tall. Be proud of who you are and don't bend just to be liked. You could be an inspiration for many adults!



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