December 15, 2007
By David Artsvelian, Glendale, CA

Imagine being blamed for crimes uncommitted,
Living each day while the spark of life is diminished,
Confused and unremitting,
Abused and now I’m sitting,
Alone here in the dark wondering what to do,
Wishing above all that I was with you.

Imagine living life a single moment at a time,
Living on the edge, just trying to get mine,
Searching for a way out, where everything will just cease,
And then I’ll be in a world of quite and peace,
It’s insecure but still exciting,
I’m tired now, of worrying and fighting,
And these crazy words I’m writing,
While the fuel of my hate’s igniting.

Imagine a world of peace without sorrow,
Life has to be better than this, tomorrow,
If we can only cope with the troubles of today,
Maybe then the pain will just drift away,
And yet we blame others for our faults in life,
Trying to balance our world as if on the tip of a knife.

And finally, imagine countless nights with no sleep,
Even considering suicide as you hysterically weep,
To this I can offer a single piece of advice,
Because how can you end your life with this incredible vice,
Don’t let this be the end, don’t leave your life unwritten,
For now just hold on,
Close your eyes,
And imagine.

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