December 15, 2007
I’ve lived a life that no one could forget,
Days of sorrow and months of regret,
But still my lifestyles you can’t ignore,
Living through life looking for something more in store
And now I just feel unstoppable,
With this army by my side defeat is impossible,
This army consisting of my friends and foes,
And the secrets I keep hidden and nobody knows,
The friends who stand by me till death do us part,
And enemies just waiting to tear me apart,
The secrets formed over time by the shadow of doubt,
Now at last the regrets and questions have all come out.

And through this all I remain unforgettable,
In spite of all the things in my past that may be regrettable,
Now I look at my life and times from a new point of view,
Looking back at the world wondering if my dreams’ll come true,
Everything is all twisted and I’m so confused,
To look around and see the people that I love be abused,
And its up to me to do them right,
To call my army together and prepare them for one last fight,
Now the time has come, well finally have our day,
Today well be the predators and our oppressors our prey,
And so to my friends if we live through tonight,
The world will marvel at our unforgettable fight.

But when these hardships come at last to an end,
Will our losses be renowned, although we can’t make amends?
How in this life can we truly insure,
That well never be forgotten, even on deaths door?
The answer to both questions can be summed up in one,
Live your life as if the victory is already won
Live each day as if its your last,
And never hesitate, to improve upon the past,
If we can understand how to play this game,
We’ll no longer ever be excluded from our share of the fame,
And even when our lives are over and done,
They’ll still never forget us, and the battles we’ve won.

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