Tomorrow Is Unwritten

December 15, 2007
Today has been a day of loss,
A night of pain and unlawful cause,
I feel as though I should just give up,
Just surrender now, while I’m still incorrupt
But as reminisce new hope dawns,
I consider my life and the road I’m on,
A new line of thought and my dread disappears,
A new wave of anger overthrows my fears
Anger at myself for what I’ve done,
And even more frustration at what is to come,
But all that has happened, I can’t take back,
Its all over now, and I can’t change that,
But still I just wish that I could go back,
Wonder what would’ve happened if we’d followed a different track,
The days defeat still fresh in my mind,
My ambition now is one of a kind,
The thought of you gives me the hope,
And the strength to rebel and the courage to cope
I see the light of dawn, at last drawing near,
And finally my intentions for this are finally clear,
I consider you, standing by my side,
That thought alone, fills me with pride,
Tomorrow the horrors of life today,
Will vanish and soon they will drift away,
Tomorrow life will be different, better,
All thought of today’s troubles gone, forever
And if today you feel that you can’t possibly win,
Just remember that tomorrow is still unwritten.

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