The Pursuit

December 15, 2007
By David Artsvelian, Glendale, CA

We come into this world feeling healthy and fine,
As no more than a single speck of dust in god’s grand design,
We progress and form relationships and live on with our friends,
And conspire against enemies, with whom we can’t make amends,
But there comes a time when you meet one person that stands out,
Someone who is caring, kind, courageous and devout,
As you may have guessed I’m referring to you,
I can’t help it,
I’m sitting here hoping that you feel this way too,
That hope is my lifeline by which I’m sustained,
Without it my body and memory would be all that remain,
Since my mind and my heart belong to you,
And since I can never stop thinking or caring about you,

People have told me that my judgment’s impaired,
That I’m just confused, and I don’t really care,
But they don’t know about the sleepless nights,
The hours of unrest and of internal fight,
How can they realize that my motives have changed,
All that they see is that I’ve suddenly become strange,
Love in itself is a strange part of life,
It can provide us with hope, or it can cut like a knife,
But the worst emotion anyone can feel,
Is the desire for something that can never be real,

And so I confess at last that I’ve fallen for you
In fact I’m still on the ground,
Wondering what to do,
And as my life continues and things are said and done,
My pursuits of happiness and love have only just begun.

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