If Only…

December 15, 2007
By David Artsvelian, Glendale, CA

Join me now as I reminisce,
Join my life of sorrow and bliss,
They say its better to have loved and lost,
But this love of you has left me double crossed,
If this is truly what love is,
Then maybe love is just a game for kids,
And though it may seem impossible,
I thought my love for you was unstoppable,
It is our choices that define the lives we lead,
And apparently this is something you really think you need,
I can’t believe that I still love you so,
When it is clear that life has told me to go,
If only I could see the truth,
Maybe then I could give you proof,
If only you were always there,
I wouldn’t feel so lonely and bear,
But in this you’ve left me no more choice,
My life is burdened by my own remorse,
If only I’d meant more to you,
Done more for you,
Been closer to you,
Maybe then you wouldn’t leave,
Abandoning me alone to grieve,
If only you could’ve seen the truth,
If only,
you had loved me too.

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This article has 2 comments.

MyonlySecret said...
on Aug. 14 2008 at 10:29 pm
hey Dave, i love this one

u know wats weird is that i have written a poem called If Only , too lol

love it, i feel the pain

Nara M. said...
on Aug. 4 2008 at 11:33 pm
I am speechless.I have the feeling as if I am reading one of the masterpieces of the classical poetry. This guy is a potential Pulitzer Prize award winner. He needs a round of applause and a big monetary award(maybe a scholarship).


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