December 15, 2007
By David Artsvelian, Glendale, CA

We live in a world of blind ambition,
No one takes the time to avoid temptation,
In this life we can only hope and though our dreams may come true,
But what’s the point of dreaming if I still can’t have you,
Your words and your choices speak for their own
I’m drowning in sorrow and we both feel alone,
You said that my actions can’t change how you feel,
But this one choice you’ve made just cannot be real,
I don’t understand why you can’t take my word,
Since you’re the one I value most in the world,
I’ve never felt like this ever before,
To care about someone but know you can’t do anything more,
But how can you close those loving eyes to me,
I can’t live with the knowledge that you can’t trust me,
I will never understand why you’ve made this choice,
I just want to hear your beautiful voice,
How can I even begin to describe,
how I feel when every time that I close my eyes,
I can see your face,
your eyes,
and most of all that smile
But this blindness of yours leaves me to question,
All that I’ve done,
Even my own affection.
So in closing I just hope that you will stand tall,
And understand that if you ignore me now,
We could lose it all.

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