December 15, 2007
She is my life, my joy, my pride,
But I can do nothing more than just strap in for the ride,
They say god works in strange ways,
and I think I agree,
Because of the one I have lost,
since it just couldn’t be,
But as the days pass and I reflect on the time,
I asked her and she said that she could not truly be mine,
I feel my heart jolt with both perplexment and pain,
And I think that my life will never be the same,
And now I look upon her as she comes to me,
A smile on her face as she catch’s sight of me,
I feel all of my troubles just wash away,
and I realize that she will never let me astray,
finally I can see the truth in her eyes,
in those eyes of the girl who I can’t allow to pass me by.

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