Now a day I look up at the sky

December 15, 2007
By Rodrigo Lopez, Reseda, CA

Now a day I look up at the sky
Praying to god to look upon me
& to keep my dreams in my reach so I can succeed.
Even though
The dreams that are sometimes created
Are sometimes forgotten
Because of the life I tried to live
Being a cholo out in the streets
Trying to live the crazy life
Being hard
& staying high
But yet you see
That wasn’t my life
Cuz in time
You come to realize
That being hard aint no good thing
Cuz the people that call themselves your friends
Are just your friends when they need you
To stand up for them
Cuz they know your down
& aint afraid to put up your fist up
& take some hits.
In the same way they offer you a puff
With a timed promise
Cuz they tell you that you won’t be trippen
& all the pain will be forgotten
But once your high dies
Your life falls apart
& you think
Drugs, being hard, crazy, & dumb
Is the glue that will put your life back together
But in reality its killing your parents trust
Breaking their backs
While your trying to live your life a little too fast
Speeding up
The roads a risk
So slow down before you get to a dead end
Like I did
Realized a couple things
& took a break
Before my life would come to an end
& for this to happen I had to let go of a lot of things
The people who claimed to be my friends
The drugs that would have mest up my life
& the streets I use hold has my own
Now I’m trying to do good
& better my life
Got my mom’s trust back
Making her proud
Cuz of what I’m doing with my life
Cuz when I stood alone she was there
But just to blind to realize
Now that I have my sight back
I’m able to see the real sight of life
& even if you feel alone
In this crazy world
You shouldn’t give up
& stop trying indeed
Make that another reason in your list
To succeed & prove wrong all those who doubt
& to all those parents who think
Their kids have thrown their life’s away make sure to go an pick them up
Like you did since day one
Carried them around
Started crawling, talking, & walking
& every time you were there to pick them up
So never think about it & have your doubts
Just pick them up cuz in life there’s hard falls
Think about when you were a child
& you needed someone to pick you up
After you fell from the cloud you were in
But just one more thing I need to get off my chest & is
That all you little youngsters who claim to be hard
It’s not about being hard it’s about having a heart
I mean all you claim to know what respect is
Yet you cuz out your loved ones
& come out to the streets disrespecting
Expecting to be respected
& take a couple of steps forward
But in reality your moving backwards
All I got to say is that its
Easier to succeed that to fail
Cuz in order to fail
You have to try
Try to be hard
Try to stay high
& try to be there for those who pretend
I mean it’s better to walk around
In your own with your chest up high
Not caring of what people think or say
Cuz no 1 knows you
Better then yourself and don’t take
The spoken words for granted
Cuz 1 day
You’ll look back and thank me
Or say
I should have done a couple of changes
But don’t let it be too late
Until you get caught up
Make these changes before you hit the dead end!!!!!

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