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One who goes high

January 20, 2011
By clamp101 BRONZE, Anaheim, California
clamp101 BRONZE, Anaheim, California
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I am in the bottom rank
I look down, there is no where to go
I have nothing to lose
I feel warm, but chilly as well
I need more, I feel lonely
Slowly, I take a step to the next rank
I am in the 3rd rank
I look down; there is a place I can fall down to
I have a little to lose
I feel warmth here
People tell me I like you
I walk toward the next highest rank
Hoping that people will love me
I am now the 2nd rank
I look down; there is big gap that I can fall down to
I have gained, having more to lose
I feel chilly here
I feel down and lonely
I run to the furthest rank wanting for love
I am now in the 1st rank
I look down there is gigantic gap that I can fall down to
I have gained everything but there is so much to lose
I feel so cold up here
People ask me:
“you have everything, why are you so lonely?”
I say “you never treated me as a human being”

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