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January 20, 2011
By MarissaLaGrange BRONZE, Monmouth, Maine
MarissaLaGrange BRONZE, Monmouth, Maine
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This too shall pass

When I draw Roses your the first thing that pops into my mind,
Our hearts seem to fit perfectly we have our bind,

Love poems that pop into my head are just thoughts of how amazing you are,
It doesn't matter where you are or how far,

I'll always come for you and fight for you forever,
I believe our month lays within December,

As days pass I still think of you 24/7,
Theres a big difference from when I used to be 11,

Your helpful kind and sweet to me all the time,
Your the reason I'm able to write these rhymes,

When you laugh I get this giggly butterfly wing feeling,
For the first time I find myself seeing,

Your the hope that I keep close to me like a mother and her child,
The way you tease me drives me wild,

Soon I'll be in your arms and feel your lips against mine,
I'll forever be yours until the end of time,

I cherish you forever and will continue to give you my all,
I love the fact that compared to me your very tall,

The dreams I have of us linger in my mind every day,
Sometimes I don't always have lots to say,

I'm probably more of a physical being then a person who uses words,
But because of you I'm able to speak I made it merge,

I speak my mind and don't hold back,
Because I know that with you I'm always relaxed,

As I lay here about to sleep,
I turn over and not make a peep,

I pray every day that I'll always be your baby,
Because in reality you have saved me,

So baby I love you with all my heart,
It's more beautiful then a work of art,

Just remember that I am always yours,
and with that I know I have swore...

The author's comments:
Basically I wrote this for someone I love very much. And It was more of a poem that sort of popped into my mind and I just wrote it down quickly.

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