Left but then there is the Right

December 15, 2007
By Victoria Gonzalez, South Bend, IN

Left to rot
Left for my heart to stop
And my life to drop
With hearing all of this nothing my Ears will pop.
Left to die
Left to cry
Recilic all my previous tries
And bear with the reminders of all the lies.
Left to be smoked
Left to choke
The matter between life and death is not a joke.
Left to be a lone
Left to be so high so stoned
Forever my voice has been drone
I've been locked up in my little cone,
But then I realize there is the
Right to live
Right to give
For my life to be revealed as a complete fib.
Right to learn
Right to earn
Then spin everything around because to nobody do i concern.
Right to breathe
Right to believe
So when times get rough I can just run away life always and leave.
Right to see
Right to be whoever I want to be
I have the right to drop out of this stupid useless misery.

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