Fatal Distraction

December 15, 2007
By wayne jolley, Wapella, IL

i see her watching me from there

i realize she can see in my head

so i look away hoping to hide my soul

ive already told you all that was going to be said

i cant help but long for her hand in mine

even if it means the death of me

i will fight for that one thing to come true

and accept that wish coming true with glee

but does she know how much i really care

ive waited far to long to miss now

but she wont move an inch in her mind

so i must take my retreat and bow

i need a map into her heart

so i can feel that one emotion

break through the barriers of life

and cause a comotion

when will this subside from my mind

this is a distraction that we all face

and we all fail sooner or later

but this feeling i can not erase

take my hand and tell me your going to be there

and your never going to leave me here

feeling broken and lost today

and there is nothing to fear

you will always stay here

even with this lost soul you know

but i still couldnt keep you from my mind

and there will be no reason to woe

cuz you are everything i need

everything i want to hold

so please let my take your hand

and take this heart and to yours, let it mold

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