Why do I exist?

January 20, 2011
By Nelson SILVER, Amarillo, Texas
Nelson SILVER, Amarillo, Texas
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Why? Why? Why?

It’s the only question running through my head..

I’m hated by all

Disliked by society..

So why do i exist?

My family has turned on me...

My friends have left me...

I have lost all faith...

I have lost all hope...

Why do i exist?

My heart has sunk...

My life has flashed...

My head is spinning...

Why do i exist?

My spirit is crushed...

The demons have my soul...

I’m bound by a web of lies...

Why do i exist?

I’m always sad

and no one cares...

I’m surrounded by hate

n by lies

I need someone

but no one’s here...

Why do i exist?

My true friends say stay

and my fake ones play me...

I’m just another pawn

in the cycle of life

you tell me not to leave

but they have proven otherwise...

Why do i exist?

I cry at night

to wash away the pain...

But it never seems to work

I once was pure but now i am dark

why do i exist?

I never lie

I always say hi

But you always turn away from me...

I don't want you to fuss, fight, or cry

Please stay strong for I am here

until my time runs out...

Just tell me, why do i exist?

The author's comments:
I had a weak moment in my life where I thought no one cared about me. I thought all was lost and I was on the verge on committing suicide.

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