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teenage life

January 20, 2011
By Anonymous

poem on teenage life
the teenage life is hard when you find out your friend is dead,
but when you are there you see them
spread across that coffen bed,
knowingthat you were just there before he had fled
and he did not tell you that he was dead.
Being next to you as you are hurt
Makes me want to make you happy so you have fine art
So please break a part and do some fine art
Keep me a part, and when you dothat my heart beats far a part
So please don’t keep me a part because of you heart.
When you are eighteen you are free to gamibling,
When you are gamibling just remember that you are not bing,
When you are supose to be living,
When you are up to swing that you see a man peking,
And you purpesly string the baseball at that person that is peking.
Life rings will bring you your key rings,
When you get bee stings you get a leaf spring to pull the bee sting,
No matter which way you go you will get your left wing,
And when you keep going you will get your right wing.

The author's comments:
i do not like writing poems

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