I Can't Stop Missing You

January 20, 2011
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I didn’t know how much I could miss someone
Till you were gone, so far away.
You chase your dream
But I’m still here, lonely
I wonder, do you miss me too?
I just want to talk to you.

Just a hey, what’s up? How are you?
But you are someone else’s someone.
Is there another person you talk to?
It doesn’t matter, I brush it away.
But I’m still lonely
What about my dream?

It was washed away my dream
You chase your dream, I’m happy for you
It’s what you’ve always wanted, but are you lonely?
You know I’ll always be here for you, to count on someone.
Even if I live 1,000,000 miles away,
You’ve got me to count on.

Just those few words help me too
Make me realize my dream
After all, it’s not so far away
Just wish I was there with you
Finally I really can count on someone
Then I wouldn’t be so lonely.

At least you care that I’m lonely
I don’t talk to you much anymore, but I want to know how you are too.
You ask if I’ve got someone
I say no, you never even realized that you were part of my dream.
I just wish I was with you.
You say you’re coming back, but then you go back away.

My feeling though, you can’t take away
I wish you could take away the lonely.
And only you can do that, only you.
You will never leave my mind; I know I’ll never leave yours too.
See you all the time in my dreams.
I see your face, then the face of another someone.

Tonight I’ll dream that I’m not so lonely
Go away to where I can see you
Maybe someday I’ll have a someone, too.

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