January 20, 2011
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A topic or word one likes to hear
The stomach starts to rumble
What have we to fear
Except them getting stuck when they tumble
So many of them have we
Varieties are there everywhere
From both land and sea
Foods we get which are usually not our share
Plants and animals mauled upon
We must know to choose
The best we get from a lawn
Those plants which grow loose
Many tastes, with many a property
Rests within them all
We receive prosperity
As we walk on the road without a fall
Not much can we do for it
Can’t it ever be done?
We can give meat a hit
And go on a veggie fun
But other things on display
Burgers, fries, junk foods
Death is the price one should pay
For the purchase of such goods
People never hesitate to purchase
Anything they fancy and wish
Advertisers will work and chase
Whether it be a venom cart or dish
Mouthwatering delicacies and such
All may be though
All these are way too much
Making us work more rough

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