Are we prisoners of our own world? This is my Prayer.

December 14, 2007
By Emma Ruggery, Duncansville, PA

The ghastly minds of which devour
Our young and innocent souls
Feast upon our gullible conscious
Of hostage nature, we take hold

The innocent ones, of which are victim
Feel not their minds, being wasted
The lies, fed like poison
The messages, seared, in their brains
Prisoners of their own humanity

The ghastly hours, of the days
Of which they have begun
Brings forth, through the years
Many sorrows and, many passing tears

For which the ones they cried and wallowed
For the tears they had, and never swallowed
For the ghastly minds of the horror filled days
Are always alone, and watching the ones
The ones who which the ghastly minds
Devour the young souls.
For everyone out there reading this, this is my solemn prayer.

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