The Winds

December 14, 2007
The winds come and go like seasons
My love for you I have no reasons
But as I look at you from far away
I realized this was the only way
As I touched the blade to my skin
I felt the blood drip and out go the sin
And as this happened I thought what to do
And then I thought and all I thought about was you
The feeling I got when I did this
All I could do was reminisce
And I try to get rid of my broken heart
And realize you’ve torn me apart

The winds come and go like seasons
As the love we once had blows away
When I thought of you all I could do was cry
And now I just wish I would die
While you think I had hurt you
Who I really hurt was me
Although it hurt to watch u walk away
I know now there a brighter day
And I look forward to another day
When I could turn and walk away

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