I Am From…

December 14, 2007
By Jonathan Gill, Nashotah, WI

I am from expensive suits, to scrubs and flannel shirts,
From blood transfusions,
From gears and high priced kitchens,
From car dealerships and cabinetry shops.

I am from lush French gardens,
From the scent of a fresh cut lawn,
From stormy nights, and sunny days,
From the leaves of a poplar.

I am from custom made bed sets,
From the brick fireplace in the family room,
From endless cherry bookshelves.

I am from camping,
From boy scouts and the Pewaukee Barrel Rollers,
From Devils Lake, Wisconsin Rapids, and Peninsula State Park,
From barbeques with the neighbors and wine tasting gatherings.

From understanding, patience, hard work,
From Puzzles, word searches, and game nights,
From job promotions and the bills that seem to grow and follow,
From “find something to do” to “congratulations”,
From “you pay for it” to “look for opportunities”
From the hard times and the good times.

I am from Christmas’ with grandma’s pirogues,
And Vacations to the Bahamas and New York
From Photo Albums, to video recordings.

I am from late nights at work,
From prepping and cooking food and dishwashing,
From listening to stories at the bar to volunteering.

I am from Germany, Denmark, and Poland,
From Native America and Ireland

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