The Fight of the Decade

December 14, 2007
A donkey and an elephant
Begin to box and brawl.
Which party will come out on top?
Which one will take a fall?

I sit front row to watch this fight.
It’s broadcast live night after night.
Who will I choose to lead the nation?
Who will be the first elected by my generation?

Topics range from the war to the economy.
Candidates work to make each other look like the enemy.
But in this time of hate and fear
Shouldn’t we fight to end campaigns that smear?

The hopefuls argue, insult, and taunt
Leaving voters’ expressions gaunt.
Blue and red, the fight goes on
Who will be the winner when the voting’s done?

I will vote come next November
All the candidates’ quotes I will remember.
The fight of the decade will come to a close.
I hope I’ll be happy with who I chose.

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