Night & Day

January 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Night is pitch black.
Day is as bright as the sun.
You can see all of the dancing stars at night
But you can see the beautiful sky when it's bright.
And put the little kids in fright.
And see the morning sun-rise in the light
Or you can sit by the campfire's heat
To start off your day right
In a comfortable seat
With all the birds chirping.
While the dogs are howling
The kids are heading towards their bus stops
And the neighbors are scowling.
Holding their books and props
But you wouldn't care
All happy with joy
Because there is darkness in the air
And the sun shines bright
And the fire is burning
As they enjoy a morning delight
While the children's stomachs are churning
Under the beautiful sunlight.
In the dark moon-lit night.

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