I am from Qdoba Mexican Grill

December 14, 2007
I am from Qdoba Mexican Grill and tiny balls of ice cream.
I am from a glass cabinet full of riches and a metal case full of goodies.
I am private sanctuary behind closed doors.
I am tiger striped pup and long pink serpent that hides in the dark.
I am from deep green lakes and sandy feet,
From long walks on the beach and pina coladas.
I am from Rad, Bubblegum, and hot Saint Martin.
I am from “you’ll never learn” and “not again,”
From picture perfect moments caught on camera and smiles that last forever.
I am from food from the sea that tastes so fishy and juicy burgers.
I am lound nights, crazy stories and hard laughter.
I am from Germany, Poland, and American Indian,
From Italy, Ireland, and United States.
I am from sticky fingers layered on hot chicken wings, and buttery fingers from movie theater popcorn,
From casting for big fish and holding onto speeding tubes.
I am from screaming band members on stage and thrashing people in mosh pits.
I am never-ending road trips and twisted roller coasters.
I am perfectly snowy slopes and intense snowboarding.
I am from warm hugs and hot kisses.
I am from perfect and just the way I want it.

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