Holdin back or movin on

December 14, 2007
By Collin Schneide, Midlothian, VA


Trees starting to thaw, flowers start to bloom,
The raven starts to caw, shade, under each shroom;

And from bad comes the good, as life springs back,
With everything as it should, not a thing that could lack.

So as winter becomes the spring, the future becomes the past,
Moving onward with every step, the first one becomes the last;

Enjoying every moment, for all things have an end,
From this parting comes a meeting, then a parting once again.

But how long lasts is up to you, short or quite a while,
For what you wait is time you waste,
Best look at the world and smile.

Cause life'll always be movin on,
Always be changin its style,
Whether you stay put and hold back,
Or take yourself out of denial,
Best look at the world and smile.

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