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January 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Sleep was slowly coming as I lay under the sky,
the cold night air creeping in no matter how I tried,
so I curled up in my sleeping bag, dreaming of your smile,
and watched a shooting star escape for just a little while.

I wished a wish that you were mine, and quickly grabbed the phone.
That’s another sprint to the porch and back, so I thought you ought to know.
But before I got the words typed, your name flashed across my screen,
and when I read the words, I couldn’t even breathe.

Cause somewhere on a bus in the middle of the night,
you were thinking of me as you watched a star go by.
It’s really something special, cause in this big, wide world,
a shooting star shot by for just one boy and one girl.

And even though the miles stretched far and wide between us,
we both saw something from a trampoline and school bus.
So maybe it’s an accident, or simply just by chance,
but I think this might be something more, than just coincidence.

The author's comments:
Adam, you know this is for you. Thanks for being my best friend and a wish come true!

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