A Soldiers Life

December 14, 2007
He marches through the night,
He marches after yet another fight,
And although how tired he must be
He keeps on marching to keep his country free.

He wishes to return home
To see his family, but has only their pictures to keep him moving on.
He longs to see his wife, his children, his mother,
He yearns to see his father and little brother.

On days he thinks he can go no further
God gives him the strength to go on another.
Slowly the days pass
And he’s allowed to go home at long last.

He returns a hero smiling gladly,
Knowing he didn’t get hurt too badly,
His family stares admiringly at him knowing he’s done
Proud to call him a father, a husband, a brother, a son.

He lives the rest of his years knowing he did a great deed
At a time when his country was in need.
He knows he will be rewarded in the afterlife when he’s old and ripe,
For there he will receive treasures of every type.

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