The Tide Comes and Goes

January 19, 2011
The tide comes and goes,
as if it knows when the fish have to go.
We try to fight it but it grabs us by the toes,
and pulls us back like the undertow.

The tide comes and goes.
Theres not much we can do yet we still reach our destination.
The sharks nip and bite us but can not get to us,
We are too determined to find our way in this sea.
No matter what happens we push forward like the Soldiers in Iraq
We keep moving forward.

The tide comes and goes
I’m almost there but there is always something in the way.
Every time I think I can make it there is something or someone that sets me back just a bit farther
They shepherd us like a sheep herder.

The tide comes and goes,
But there are still fish in the sea.
We find new places to explore everyday
and new faces to see.

The tide comes and goes
Like the sight of a great blue whale flipping and spraying glittering crystals all over the pool of blue and green.
We see it coming but it still surprises us when it happens.

The tide comes and goes.
We might make it through for there is a light ahead.
I see it in the future we will make it,
But we must reach out and take it.
We will not get pushed around by the current of the ocean
But we will make the current in the ocean
and others will follow it.
The tide comes and goes

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