the day my life change

January 19, 2011
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The day my life change, was the day wen i became a senior. Being a senior made me realize how much closer i am becoming a man. It made me realize that life is no joke its real.Being in the 12th grade made me focus on alot of things such as grades, people, college, getting a job, and the most important thing finding what im going to do with my life. What made me focus on my grades,is because i didnt want to leave a school year with out ever being on the honor roll. The 12th grade made me also pick who i hang around, because where at the age when your reliable for your own misstakes. Some people are not ready to act there age and do right, but I have a life in front of me and goals that I want to aheive.The college I want to attend is university of miami, why because they have a very good business management classes that I want to do for 8 years. Once i get out of school thats the day when my life begins and get serious. One of the first things I attend to do is start college at WCC for one year so I can get a job to save up. Once I save up enough money I tend to move to flordia and go to college at unversity of miami, and live a good life there. What ever happens after that i hope it be completing some of my goals that I have in mind. Being rich is not really one of my mean goals but having alot of money that i can do what i can to help other people when they're in the need would make me happy. My mean goal is doing what i got to do to put a smile on my mom face when she see that im making a change in life not just life my life.

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