Wishing you were here

December 14, 2007
By Erin Lanthier, New Castle, PA

With every passing day, I cannot get you off my mind,
And it’s for this reason, I cry most of the time.

We sometimes used to argue, And get into our little fights.
This happened because We both wanted to be right.

I also have many memories of all the good times we shared.
I used to talk to you about everything, Because I knew you cared.

I know I can still talk to you, About what’s going on.
But I won’t get a response, Because you are gone.

We live in a world, where life isn’t fair at all.
I know from experience of things I once saw

I knew it was going to happen, But I didn’t know why.
You left us so fast, Without saying goodbye.

God decided he needed you, So he took you away.
But I know within my heart, You look over me each day.

I miss you so much And wish I could see your face.
I hope that you know No one can ever take your place.

I am your little Rema, that is what you called me
I always was…Always will be.

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