If he…

December 14, 2007
By Valentina Rodriguez, Weston, FL

If he only knew how happy he made me,
And how he also owned my heart and the key,
He would fall more in love…

If he only knew when he kisses my forehead,
It makes my eyes watery and red,
He would never hurt me…

If he only knew how good his touché felt,
And that a kiss from his lips makes my heart melt,
He would feel bad for what he does…

If he only knew he gave me a feeling that starts in my toes,
And everything he did was so cute it made me crinkle my nose,
He wouldn’t go and run to her…

If he only knew I cried in my bed every single night,
And I feel sometimes like my whole world was shut tight,
He wouldn’t keep playing his game…

If he only knew how horrible my life truly was.
And all the pain he brings and does,
He would stop before it’s too late…

If he only knew what I’m about to do.
And what I’m about to put my whole family through,
He would come running…

If he only knew that I just ended my last day,
And how my world was no longer gray,
He would have loved me…

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