Double-Sided Yellow

December 14, 2007
Feeling yellow.
On the surface I seem fine.
Appearing warm and happy.
Coming across as calm and full of life.
But when the truth is exposed,
You see
Yellow is just a transitory state.
Yellow is waiting.
Yes, I’m calm.
Yes, I’m warm.
But am I really happy?
No, yellow isn’t all that happy.
Yellow is content.
And content is much different than happy.
To be content,
It’s nice I guess.
I look fine.
But look closer.
I’m screaming.
I want to be more than just yellow.
More than just content.
Calm, cool, and collected
is just not for me.
I want to taste life and
Be free.
No longer just fine.
Just calm.
Just yellow.
Yellow is nice,
But I’ve been yellow for too long now.
It’s time to experience the rest of the rainbow.

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