December 16, 2010
By CailinCooney BRONZE, Sea Ranch Lakes, Florida
CailinCooney BRONZE, Sea Ranch Lakes, Florida
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\\\"Go out into the world and do well; but more importantly, go out into the world and do good.\\\"

Never give your heart to a magician.
He just might make it disappear.
Leaving you with nowhere to go, and a hole where it used to be.
Sitting alone, my head filled with your lies. Words I lived on, they helped me survive.
I thrive on your scent, you raise me up so high, but little to my knowledge, you always leave me dry.
I’m not the only one feeling the way I do. The pain that sears me, burns you too. Do unto others what is done unto you? This pain that gnaws at me is weighing me down.
You can life me so high but now I fall into the depths of the darkest trenches. The only light in the distance is the spark of your eyes. Blue green, like the ocean on a sunny day. But now I pray for rain so something might accompany me in the night. At least then I will not be walking alone
Pour out your soul, your hearts longing; no one can break in. An outcry in the silence. Words on a page.

The author's comments:
What is my inspiration other than a boy? It's a very long story, but he has not only made me stronger, but proved to be a wonderful muse.

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