Darkness of My Heart

December 14, 2007
By Corey Morrison, Hudson Falls, NY

Let’s go down into the darkness of my heart
I sit here through the tears and heartache,
Don’t leave me alone, through the pain and suffering
This is where we met the first lust; the first time you killed me inside
And now we’re here blade to skin, blood to ground, heartache to heartache
We attempt putting this back together but love built on lies never survives,
This time you really killed me, left me for dead
Like a lion with his prey you’ve left me for dead

Let’s go down into the darkness of my heart
As this falls apart she goes into the retreat of her heart,
This time she cries out and grabs the blood stained knife
She cuts deeper and deeper hoping to end the pain of love,
It’s over, everything ends, the pain, the suffering, her love for him
Is all gone and in this moment everything seemed perfect.
And in this moment the world stopped and everything went back
Back before the pain, and the suffering

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