Best Friends

December 14, 2007
She wants the memories to come back …
She hates going home and locking herself in her room
The only person she could rely on was her best friend
But now that she left and has someone new …
Used to all the good times then all of a sudden something go bad
She doesn’t understand the pain she feels and why it ever happened
Everything she does she tries to make it better
Just doesn’t seem to work the ways she always tries’s to bring them together
She hates the feeling of being alone and no one to talk to
The way they used to laugh and tell secrets all the time.
The fact that she wants them to be friends again will probably never happen
She HOPES that one of these days her best friend will open her eyes and see
How much she really does care and the rumors are nothing but lies tearing them apart
Finally coming to a sense that there will never be another day that comes
Where her and her best friend are laughing together and telling more secrets …
If this is what needs to happen then let it be…
But if not please ANGELA tell me ….!!!

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