You faced the world with unflinching determination

December 14, 2007
By alex adams, Swanton, OH

You faced the world with unflinching determination

You stood firm in who you where
But little by little your amour chipped away

Leaving you exposed
As time went on you pulled away and fell into yourself

Time and time again you turned to pain
To save you from yourself

And always I was there to save you from the world.
Protecting you from yourself doing all I needed to

To keep you here with us
With those who cared about you most

With those who were your rocks
But the powers that be where determined

Determined to take you away… for your own good they said
And in their haste, broke you to pieces

In so many pieces that I can’t put you together again
And so you’re gone now at rest, at piece

Shattered by a world that used you
And those that care…will miss you

Always and forever

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