The Fall

December 14, 2007
By Matthew Portwood, McDonough, GA

Leaves falling all around
Falling softly to the ground
Kissed by the cold autumn wind
Seeming to foretell an inescapable end

In the midst of their descent I stand
Catching a falling leaf in my hand
And staring up at the grey sky
Wondering if my love will die

Rain falling all around
Crashing hard on the ground
Cast down from dark clouds of grey
Foretelling of hard times on the way

In the midst of their descent she stands
Freezing from the rain hitting her hands
And staring into my dark eyes
Hoping her feeling for me never dies

Clouds fading from the sky
Showing the sun and its light
In the midst of this light we stand
Knowing that our love for each other can’t end

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