My Dear-Old-Dad

December 13, 2007
A couple lines for my dear old dad,
These words I need to say.
How much you have really touched my life
In every single possible way.

From the first breath I drew in
To the first words from my mouth.
You’re the father that I hold most dear,
With love no man can amount.

A father with a contagious laugh
that lights up in his eyes.
A laughter that can fill a room
down to every little child.

Though saddened as you watch me grow,
So discreetly, still I can tell.
Yet you bid each day with gleaming smile,
knowing you have raised me well.

Your firm hand may have lost its grip,
and your dark hair has turned a shade of gray.
The handsome father that I adore
still stands in front of me each day.

So here I am to present these words,
with all the love I can convey.

You’ll always be my dear old dad,
Happy 53rd birthday.

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