A Reckless Epiphany

December 13, 2007
By Sara Brown, Indianapolis, IN

As you sit on the back of the old Suzuki, your wings take to the sky.

Roaring along the back roads, the wind whips through your hair.
Everything is silent save the low, mechanic rumbling of the
Chromed Cobra pipe and the hot blood blazing through your veins.
Knocking against your chest, you heart beats faster and faster as you pick up speed.
Lifting your arms to the sky in the frosty darkness, the night
Envelops you like an inky cloak wrapped tightly around your
Shoulders. But you’re not afraid of the speed or the danger. You are infinite.
Sparkling stars dance in front of your eyes as you continue to ride.

Every moment is what you live for,
Putting blind faith in the unknown. But it’s
In those moments that you’re free, riding a
Pure and powerful high until it almost seems like
Heaven itself is underneath you. It’s
All for nothing, baby, and as your
Nose gets colder and your face starts to sting,
You finally realize what it means to be alive.

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