love in the form of a wolf

January 19, 2011
By Anonymous

He eyed her walking the twisted path and could not resist she was so pale yet so tan and her brown curls rapped around her head so perfectly, then those eyes so beautiful and green sparkling somehow without care, He wanted her so bad but she was not alone her father was near, almost every day someone was there watching her everyday till he got the courage to say “hello sweet thing what is thy name?” she turned to him and smiled “its little red riding hood good sir.” Her voice sound of chimes and mocking birds, but at that her father turned and glared and he bid her fair well and left. He tried to find a way to meet without anyone there but them, and then he found a way when the sun set he snuck into her town and looked into her window He saw she was asleep, He lightly taped and she stirred and looked and slowly open the window, “Forgive me sweet thing for I wanted to speak but we could not for your people don’t trust me. Won’t you befriend me?” He said so sad with puppy eyes and sweet voice, for she could not resist. She was kind and wanted all to love her. She agreed, He told her to meet her tomorrow by the willow tree alone so they could speak, She agreed, The next day she waited beneath the tree, she didn’t have to wait long for he came roses in hand and a smile in place, she took the roses and kissed his cheek, He sat down beside her and she started to speak he got lost in her words they all melted together and soon they feel asleep, every day she showed up and every day he brought her flowers in bunches. But one day she didn’t come and it stared to rain he ran around looking for her and worried she strayed. He want to her village and they stared to pursue him but strong and proud he shouted out loud “Where is she my red riding hood?!” They stopped and cried and her father come into site, “She is missing we thought you stole her last night?!” At that he cried out “Ill find her!” He ran out of site until he saw a small house with smoke coming out of the chimney and he wonder around and looked inside and saw an old women sitting by the fire string a pot waiting for it to boil and red riding hood was tide up in the corner, red riding hood saw him and smiled with glee and the he huffed with relief and ran to the door and knocked and the old women said “leave me be.” But he know better. He broke in to see the old women picking poor little red riding up and caring her to the pot. He growled and the old women dropped her and stared to flee but he was quick to his feet he soon had her tide and cut red riding hood free and she kissed him and asked, “How did you find me?” He looked her in the eyes and smiled and said, “I love you that’s how.” She wrapped her arms around him and soon people came near and saw what was going on. They cheered and cried and her father came up to them and said “you are always welcome into are village and you will always be my friend.” The father patted his back and grabbed his darters hand and she said “Father I wish for him to live with us so I always know hers near.” Her father smiled and shook his head. Together they left him and the girl and soon were wed and lived a long happy live together till the end.

The author's comments:
Its my own Version of Red riding hood with love!

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