r.i.p. justin mills

January 19, 2011
the memories of you linger everywhere.
the thoughts of you are still in my head.
you changed my life forever when i saw your earthly cold body laying there in the silverly blue casket.
now that you are gone from this earth we miss you dearly here.
but you are in a much better place now.
we arent crying cause we feel sorry for you we are mostly crying cause we are still here.
i still feel you all around me all the time and i wonder if your watching over me and listening to every word i speak or watchin every move i make.
the words you said the steps you took, are all apart of the memories you left here with us, that fill our hearts everyday.
to me you were always more than just a friend. i loved you.
and as i stood beside that silverly blue casket, i couldnt help but to cry.
as i saw your hannah rubbing your earthly bodys forhead, i couldnt help but cry.
as i saw the pain in mikes eyes, he lost his dear brother, i couldnt help but cry.
as i saw te tears weeling up in ciaras eyes as she looked down at her brother, i couldnt help but cry. i was always the one that covered up the hurt with a smile. but at those times i just couldnt help but cry.
its so hard to believe your really gone but that was God's set time for you. we are gonna miss you down here. and wont hardly be able to wait to see you again.
i know i will be up there with you and our father God one day, and to do a couple back flips with you to.
thanks for all you helped me through and thanks for the memories of you i replay everyday.

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