My Heart

January 19, 2011
By moonstar89 GOLD, Germantown, Maryland
moonstar89 GOLD, Germantown, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
If you cant love yourself how in the world are you gonna love someone else?

I gave you my heart and you
put it in the palm of your hand
and squeezed it until it
shattered into tiny little pieces.

My heart had been broken so many
tI'mes before but i was able to recover with just a crack each tI'me.

I told you that if my heart got broken again it would shatter completely.

You told me that you understood and that you would never break my heart but that was a lie.

After the fight that we had last night you said that you needed a break.

When you told me that i could see other people it felt like you took a sledgehammer to my heart and wouldn't stop hitting it til it was completely gone.

So now I'm sitting here all alone without a heart crying because i lost you forever.

I will never find someone like you.

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