January 19, 2011
By AshleyElaine BRONZE, Greenville Texas,
AshleyElaine BRONZE, Greenville Texas,
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This is the story
Of an angels fall from glory
From Heaven he fell
Listen close, for this is his tale
God’s right hand man
Prince of the holy lan’
Bringer of light
Great wings to take flight
Nothing but charm
Meant to bring harm
God let him in
Creating the ultimate sin
A beautiful garden
Way back then
Flowers always in bloom
Forever in June
Lurked an evil snake
Eve’s innocence he planned to take
To bite the apple, they’d soon see
The faith bestowed upon humanity
To walk through the valley of the shadow of death
To sweat by the brow till Adam lost his breath
Edans’ fall all too abrupt
All to easy to corrupt
He said to Gods face
Jesus is who he’d replace
Kicked out
No doubt
A gate made of gold
Helped the story to unfold
One third left with him
Their futures growing dim
From angels to demons
Doomed to be serve his legions
King of the earth
Given permission to deceive from birth
Humans his prey
Our faith he’d test day after day
Our daughters committing adultery
Mixing and mingling poultry
Man killing man
All part of his devious plan
Stealing for pleasure
Even though heavens the ultimate treasure
Lying deceiving to hide the truth
Believing it’s the essence of youth
Even believing his facade
That he can be our God
But this is nothing but a lie
For we know its end, form the bibles all Seeing Eye
Our savior will return
To show the earth for which he yearned
World peace
And snaring in Gods beliefs
But nothing like the revelations
Testing, one finial time, Gods creations
Those chosen will survive the hectic
Because their gods protected
First fire sent from heaven
To this pathetic oblivion
His evil spread, the political lamb
Humanity being damned
Judgment day begins
All of us judged for our sins
Famine, plague, disease
Wild animals, rats, and fleas
Millions die
Their loved ones cry
Hail, fire, and blood
A fire ball turns Earth to crud
Persecution of the saints
For those without brains
Seven plagues take place
Destroying us and desecrating our face
Jesus takes us home
He and his legions left alone
Chained to the Earth for thousand of years
No matter the amount of tears
Defeated and distraught
He’d given it all he got
Once a glorious prince
A monster ever since
It’s said the last thing they felt was falling
Losing his wing, subjected to crawling
Beaten and bruised
His victory distorted views
Sins of the raucousness placed on his head
Burns him until he’s dead
Esto Castus
Many had forgotten, but he didn’t get the best of us

The author's comments:
This is my twist on biblical events. Edan's fall, Adam and Eves punishment, Satan's conflict, Satan's fall from heaven, his deceiving us, our consequence, armageddon, revelations, and how it all is suppose to end.

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