Alone and Together

December 13, 2007
She sits alone.
People glance once and turn away,
Pain all around, she has lost her security,
Her confidence, her love.
Everything around her is different,
She doesn't understand why it changed.
Everything she once knew herself,
She see's in other people, but not herself.
What happened to all those nights,
When we would gaze up at the stars,
And just talk, with no worries, no fears, no pains, no lonliness.
Suddenly a load is thrown on her shoulders,
One that no person should carry alone,
But she has no one to confide in,
No one to share the load.
They all pass, without any notice,
No care for anything but there lives,
Not to ignore, rather just too involved,
In the things they have and will always have.
She was once like this, happy, loving, loved.
But it has all sunk away leaving just her.
Just Her.
She sits alone,
Wondering what it would be like if it hadn't all changed.
Her eyes tell it all,
How she needs a real hug,
How she needs words whispered to her to reassure,
She needs to cry, to talk.
But nobody around listens,
Nobody looks into her eyes for the answers.
She sits alone.
Alone and Forgotten.
In her mind, it is only her,
No one loves her,
No one cares,
No one.
She sits alone.
Sits alone.
I see her,
And sit down beside her.
We sit,

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