Why must we trust our eyesight

December 13, 2007
By Evodie Versulien, Mcdonough, GA

Why must we trust our eyesight
…When it deceives us so….
Why should we make prejudgments
..Of people we don’t even know…

The battle was fought and won
Or so it appears to be
We’re here because of our ancestors
..for what they did for you and me

For our rights, King was placed in a cell
For our choices, Parks stayed in her seat
From Birmingham to Washington
…the Blacks rallied the streets

And so to laugh at and deride others
…those with a different color skin
Simply shows an individual
That something is lacking within

We laugh, giggle, and point
And from the inside, the victimized cry
Unaware because of our ignorance
That we may be next to die

For years many races were liberated
And today the tensions begin to rise
All because of our condemning nature
All because of our lies

A world full of happiness
A place where his children would strive
Dr. King spoke his mind and heart
And all hopes come alive

So today why can’t we hold hands
And together rally the streets
But this time all races side by side
And this time all ends shall meet

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