Broken Winged Angel

January 19, 2011
By NeishaIsMagical PLATINUM, Burlington, Vermont
NeishaIsMagical PLATINUM, Burlington, Vermont
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I am a sweet girl

addicted to my sweet things

then i am a dark girl

only comforted in the darkness of my nightmares

my memories

I will always be your girl

I'll follow you anywhere

even if it takes me Under

where death leaves an odor on your skin

and blood drips from your pores

I will walk the plains of the underworld with you

You are the one I follow into the dark

You may feel alone

but i follow close behind

My broken winged Angel

I wish to bring you back up

up to the colors

the lights

the sweet things

But you refuse to return

and I refuse to leave you

You are the reasoning in my head

the broken fragment in my heart

I follow you

Follow you

where ever you wish to go

My broken winged Angel

Even if it is to Under

where souls perish

and flesh rots

even if the darkness

and horror of it all

Turns my heart to ash and dust

and I am no longer able to return

to my world full of

sweet things

beautiful faces

Violet stained roses

and candy colored houses

I will follow you anyways

swim with you in the poisonous river

of blood and toxins

stand by you

as you watch retched Harpies

tare apart the damned limb by limb

wonder behind you

as you walk every




of the underworld

and Hold you as you cry from pain

because you will not repair your broken wings

let the broken

stay broken

no amount of love will ever fix the wounds slashed across your heart

If only you would let me nurse you to health

If only you didn't turn your head from the


colorful things

I have to offer

Is happiness that repulsive to you?

My world so disgusting?

Everyone says we could never work

we are two completely different creatures

each others exact opposite

I, a water nymph

You, a creature born from the underworld

but are we really so different?

Even so I do not care

I will still follow you

even if it kills me

my only wish is to save you from your own despair

save you from the peeling fleshed faces

with hollow eyes

and mouths filled with dust

Save you from the grabbing bony hands

with blood stained finger tips

connected to track mark arms

If only you would let me save you

I remember once when you surfaced to my world

Let me dance on your toes

and paint your eyes with shadow

Oh how you smiled

when i kissed your nose

and laid with you amongst the stars

your lips pressed against my forehead

when we rolled around your bed

melted into each other

drank each other up greedily

like red wine

But soon it became to much

and under you went

I wonder if you ever noticed that

I followed you

I am so sorry I broke your wings

I didn't mean it

I just was afraid you'd fly away

and leave me


just another ash-girl

Now i wish to follow you

repair what I have broken

If only you would let me

Even in the shadows of the dark and damned

I still find you

beautifully broken

even though

Your hair is to long

Your eyes are bruised

and skin broken out

from distress

Your beauty in my eyes is everlasting

If only you would allow yourself

to see you through my eyes

My broken winged Angel

Drowning in his own despair

You refuse to acknowledge my presence



by your side

Do you wish to live such a lonely existence?

Because I refuse to live in a world without you in it

no matter what

no matter what

For you are far more important


the sweetness

the pretty things

the circus's

the neon signed clubs

and the colors

If only you knew how much more important

you believe I will never change

that i will always prefer

my freedom

my world to you

but that is simply not true

which is why I must follow you




My Broken Winged Angel.


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