January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

The roses are wilted.
The violets are gone.
You promised you'd love me,
But you loved another all along.

And when you found that she cheated you,
You realized your mistake.
Our love had been true.
Your love was fake, it's too late.

For I've found another
Who love me for me.
The hole in my heart is stiched up.
And your eyes finally see

What true love looks like.
Him and I both together.
Sure, your love's a dead end,
But our love is Forever.

The author's comments:
Sequel to 'For Never', so read that first.
Inspired by my first piece (I don't think it's as good...), my bro's friend didn't help this time.
But be smart. Don't end up like the girl (in this case) here, or the one who dumped her.

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