Find my voice

December 13, 2007
By Sarah Edson SILVER, Newbury Park, California
Sarah Edson SILVER, Newbury Park, California
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Find my voice
Unable to speak
Unable to share feelings of grief

He took her
Without thinking of anything
Not even me
His princess
His dance partner
His daughter
How could he

I loved her more than ever
She protected me
She gave me everything
When she had nothing
She loved me for me
And not what I could be

These feelings locked away
Doesn't make them fade
The pain stays
The tears fall
Forcing them away
I begin to break

Years of silence
Acting like I'm ok
When I never was
Not since that day

Breaking through the barrier
Learning how to grieve
This is something I need

Unlocking all the doors
Remembering that day
Re-living it, every time I wake
Wanting it all to fade

I wish it were so easy
To never re-live
To never cry
To never remember
They are both forever absent from my life

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